Diet plan nhs

Hi boys and girls and welcome to exciting looks with some fantastic information brought to you and endorsed by the UK NHS. Diet plan NHS are given below. This is their eat well guide and that tells you what to do if you want to live a long and happy life and have great nutrition and stuff so let’s go through it and see what we can learn from the Fantastic infographic.

Diet plan NHS

We divide those tips in six-part.

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • ¬†Five
  • Six

Number one

We should both eat more and fewer potatoes yes that’s right both more and fewer potatoes are indicated in the eat world guide. If you look at around about five minutes past twelve. If the eat world guide there was a clock the face you will see more potatoes and if you look at about 7:30 you’ll see potatoes in a slightly different form. Which should be avoided mmm interesting good good good okay alright.


Diet plan nhs
Diet plan nhs

Number two

Clearly what we should do is make sure that at least two-thirds if not more of our entire caloric intake in a day is based on carbohydrates. Diet plan NHS.¬† Which are in slow genic foods which basically what I mean by that is causes insulin to spike chronically every time. We eat carbohydrates and of course, that’s the acute spiking and chronic elevation of insulin over years and years and years. Which is absolutely without question. Now been established as the root cause of obesity diabetes heart disease and several other complaints as well, in fact, it’s the root of most of the woes of healthcare and Western society.

So I guess and I just do need to do something to keep themselves in business. If that was required and this is a great way of going about it boys and girls yes that right makes sure two-thirds of your diet is insulin oh genic garbage okay fantastic. What’s number three okay yes if we look at the complex.

Diet plan nhs
Diet plan nhs


Number three

Carbohydrate section there and yellow we’ll see that what we should do is avoid sugar among other things. That says we should avoid sugar yes fantastic okay so what sugar is fructose and glucose stuck together. Which breaks down into well fructose and glucose in the bloodstream fructose goes straight to your liver and causes. You to produce a bunch of stuff called triglyceride. Which is a risk factor for cardiovascular a disease? So that’s a good idea to avoid fructose so that counts all the fruit out. By the way in the green section there and secondly the glucose goes into the bloodstream and causes a huge spike in your insulin.


Diet plan nhs
Diet plan nhs


Which then leads you towards being insulin resistant and having obesity diabetes heart disease and all those kind of things. So that’s good advice that. We should avoid sugar however complex carbohydrates are made up of starch and starch are long strings of glucose. Which break down start to break down anyway with the animal saliva or-oh. Yes, glucose and then they continue to break down in the stomach and are absorbed. Into the bloodstream ozone oh yes glucose so we should avoid glucose. We should have lots of glucose I suppose you know it’s the same as both avoidings. You know she says you K that’s brilliant advice outstanding.

Number four

What else can elude alright yes that’s what we can learn we need to avoid fruit juice and this. Of course, it’s within the fruit in which case Philly boots up have five or more servings of it a day yes. Because it makes all the difference having some fibre with it yep the fruit juice is still fruit juice.

Its entirety your canoes will be working just fine and you’ll be able to filter out quite a salt challenge. Any old time you need to so that’s absolute nonsense as well also the number nine what can we learn from this. It looks like we need to avoid fat let’s avoid fat for what possible reason. Oh yes, that’s right it’s because of the old idea. Which has now been thoroughly disproven supplanted and nobody? Who wants to be remotely taken seriously as a scientist. Would get up on their hind legs and call out fat as the cause of any kind of health problem in general unless. We’re specifically talking about the kinds of fats that humans are not naturally evolved to consume.


Diet plan nhs
Diet plan nhs


Number five

Should not be consumed in other words particularly omega-6 oils and trans fats. Also, any fats that have been subjected to high temperatures as well as probably not the best idea. But in general, fat is a vital nutrient it’s required for all sorts of things including the membranes of every cell in our body for having healthy. Cholesterol levels which are vital for so many reasons that I’ve gone over in another post. You’ll see all the reasons why cholesterol is good stuff and not an enemy whatsoever so yep. That’s another piece of absolutely ridiculous junk advice and junk science there from the in HS the UK eat well guide

Number six

The last thing that I think we can learn from this eat. Well, the guide is that the authors of the eat well guide mentally deranged retarded absolute fuckwits. Who needs to hand in whatever licenses they have to practice any kind of advice-giving whatsoever. If there was any such something and they need to probably go and retire to an island somewhere.

Where they can grow some wheat their bread and need lots of fruit and vegetables and avoid healthily saturated fat and die of obesity and diabetes and all sorts of other complaints.

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